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Axel 7 Ver 7.01.25 has been released on 11 Nov 2010.

See the Release Notes for latest features, enhancements and bug fixes.


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Find answers to the most asked questions about Axel software

Product Information

How often should I upgrade Axel software?

Axel software comes with free 2 years upgrade contract. After initial 2 years it is really up to you. If your application is well established and repetitive you might not have any real need for frequent upgrades. However if you are using the surface measurements, pipe or off-line programming for example, the chances are that you would benefit greatly from the next software release. Axel is under constant development, we listen to our customers therefore each new release is in some way based on your feedback. If in any doubts please refer to our support pages that list all recent additions to Axel software or contact us direct.

Should I upgrade to Axel version ?

Yes. We strongly recommend doing so especially if you are running Axel versions 4 and below. Those versions are based on 16bit software technology. As of January 2005, users of Axel versions 4 are not able to get newer releases although we provide technical support.

We are still continuing version maintenance of Axel version 5. However we would recommend upgrading in order to keep up with the latest additions. We will be running cost effective transition scheme for existing users of Axel4 and also Axel 5 over the coming year 2010.

Dongle Upgrade

How do I enter the new code ?

There are times you need to enter the code to the dongle (protection device). This normally happens when newly purchased dongle is fully activated after purchase or you will decide to extend functionality of the software - for example add pipe measurements or CAD translator. If the dongle expired or is about to expire, Axel displays a dialog box on the startup where the code can be typed in. Alternativale, once in Axel, from the Setup menu, choose Enter the new code command. The code is case sensitive. As we normally email the new code, we recommend that you copy and paste the code in order to avoid any typing mistakes.

I don't know what version I own. How can I find out ?

We will need the dongle serial number in order to generate the code for you. The serial number is normally printed out on the label attached to the dongle. Alternatively you may find out the serial number by displaying the Help/ABout dialog box.

Technical Support

Surface Points definition on CAD ?

Date:   7 January 2013
Problem Description
When using the mouse to define Surface Points on the CAD, there is an offset between the position where the mouse was clicked and the position where the Surface Point was defined. The offset depends on the angle at which the surface is viewed by the user in the Measure Wiondow. The greater the angle, the bigger the offset.

The picture show offset between the mouse and the measured surface point.

The surface point should be defined at the exatct position where the mouse pointer was clicked.

This effect is created by some of the OpenGL drivers. If you found this effect and have motherboard integrated graphics, we suggest to use dedicated nvidia geforce graphics card instead.

In case of a problem, which files do I need to email ?

The following files are recomended :

  • backup file
  • system initialization files with extension .ini
  • log files with extension .log
  • calibration files with extension .cal

How do I save project files ?

Select the Part Files Backup from the application menu. From there the current project may be saved in the directory of your choice.

Axel Lite v.5: running under Windows 7 / 64 bit ?

Select the Part Files Backup from the application menu. From there the current project may be saved in the directory of your choice.

If the program is not run in compatibility mode for W 98, it will display a message on exit, "Access violation at
location 0," and will have to be closed down using Task Manager.

To stop this happening, right-click on the program in Explorer & select Properties --> Compatibility.

Tick Run as Administrator.

In the Compatibility Mode drop-down list, select Windows 98.

Un-tick these options:

Visual Themes
Desktop Composition
High DPI Settings

and hit OK. The program should now close down without problems.

Software Operating Questions

[SURFACE] Axel doesn’t show some surfaces after loading IGES file. What could be wrong ?

Inspect the log file genereated during IGES import. Check if it contains information about ignored surfaces. If the ignored surfaces have ID 186 and are named as manifold solid, then you might be able to read them into Axel by re-exporting CAD file again with different options set.
In your original CAD program try to export the part again but this time without using manifold solids. Normally IGES exporter will have an option on how to save solid CAD entities – they can either be saved as manifold solids or as separate surfaces. Choose separate surfaces.

[RESULTS] The 3D solid picture is not printed in the report. Why ?

There is a chance that the size of the bitmap is too large. You may try on of the following:

  • Try to make the size of the picture smaller in the report, or
  • Change the format of the picture to jpg or .png rather then .bmp or
  • Reduce the resolution of the printer – for example to normal at 360dpi
Device Interface Questions

[UCC Controller] Why are the software limit switches not switched on ?

After setting hardware datum, Axel switches on the software limit switches by calling command ConfigureForMetrology. Please make sure that the line COnfigureForMetrology = 1 in the UCC1_DRV.INI file.

[UCC Controller] Why does the Renishaw PH probe generates data points during its position change move ?

If the REnishaw PH probe is interfaced via PHC1050 card inside the UCC controller, please make sure that the following line PHC1050_ProbeTriggerEnabled=1  is present in the UCC1_DRV.INI file.