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Axel 7 Ver 7.01.25 has been released on 11 Nov 2010.

See the Release Notes for latest features, enhancements and bug fixes.


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Ribbon Interface new

Work smarter and faster with a uniformed Ribon interface.

Our already successful interface of tabs and toolbars has been enhanced with Ribbon which accelerates the personal workflow tremendously and guarantees more efficiency in daily business.

The tabs on the Ribbon display the commands that are the most relevant for each of the task areas in Axel. Long-winded searching for the needed commands is a thing of the past. The Axel button is a single entry point for program settings and file management.



Graphical CNC Programming new

Create and edit CNC programs using off-line CAD module. Plece the part in the machine model working volume, define the inspection features and create the program. Then if required edit the program in the 3D Measure Window. For example change measurement by adjusting the margin, depth, points distribution. The collision detection will greatly reduce future program errors.


Result History Data Base new

Store results of consequtive part inspection into the results data base for future historical view into your quality process. Show trends, basic SPC and multiple results charts.

DMIS programming

DMIS Programming

DMIS program is now an integral part of new property panell. This is where the DMIS sequence is shown for each new feature measured and included in the program.


Temperature Compensation

Axel temperature compensation is provided as standard. It enables your CMM machine to maintain measuring accuaracy in changing environment such as the shop floor.


Pipe Wizard

Axel Pipe Wizard is one of the most innovative and well established parts of our metrology range software. Create a new prototype pipe or inspect it against its nominal model. Use surface features to inspect the pipe brackets. Finally interface with variety of pipe benders.

New report generator


Create standard inspection reports in an instance. Feature numerical results and surface points distribution graphs are included. Use Report Designer to add Measure Window views. With templates you can transfer results to Excel and HTML.

Measure Window Views new

Feature Views are created automatically when defining them for the first time. The view is recalled when remeasuring the feature to point to the its location. Together with next point hint provides the great productivity tool.

Feature Properties dialognew

Feature Properties dialog has been added to provide immediate access to all feature properties. The data dialog has been extended to allow drag and drop and remeasuring of individual data elements.