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Axel 7 ver 7.02.03 has been released on 4th April 2011.

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The Pipe and Tube Measurements on CMMs


The Axel Pipe Wizard simplifies measurement of manipulated tube, pipe, wire or hose when used in conjunction with Axel Foundation software. Upon entering a description of the component, the Axel Tube Wizard automatically generates a measuring sequence and a 3D graphics,

Tubes may be inspected as prototypes or against their nominal CAD / drawing. During measurement the operator is prompted to measure the designed features of the tube, which are also highlighted in the Measure Window.

As an additional feature, result boxes are automatically posted at every bend. After the tube is measured, industry standard reports are generated for conformance purposes, containing tube correction data; interfaces to various bending machines are also provided and incorporated as part of the Axel Tube Wizard software. Download Pipe Brochure.


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Add-on module for Axel Foundation software
The Axel Pipe Wizard is one of the most innovative and modern products from the Axel range. It is fully integrated with existing functions allowing tube, geometrical and CAD features to be measured in the same operation.

Automatic generation of pipe inspection sequence
Measurement of tubes, pipes and other similar tubular surfaces are greatly simplified by the use of the Pipe Wizard. Parameters of the pipe are entered by the user and the Pipe Wizard generates its own measuring sequence. The program is then executed and pipe is inspected on the CMM.

New pipe design feature
A free standing part is aligned by measuring its geometrical or surface features. The pipe is designed by collecting pipe point coordinates. The pipe wizard then generates the measuring sequence and its 3D representation in the Measure Window.

Multiple pipe datums
Pipe wizard automatically defines two standard pipe datums - pipe coordinate datum and best fit datum. The best fit datum is calculated after deviations between measured pipe and their nominals have been minimized.

Brackets Measurement
Pipe brackets are easily measured using pipe software. On entering brackets information such as number and their nominal locations, Pipe Wizard generates the measuring sequence that includes bracket inspection. Also options for end fittings and additional pipe feature inspections are provided.

CAD export/import
The nominal pipe data can be entered directly from the CAD model. Also the pipe results can be exported to CAD package.

Industry standard results for pipe feature
Variety of reporting is provided. Graphical boxes or dimensions shown in the Measure Window are attached to the pipe solid model, industry standard report for conformance purposes, user defined graphical report and HTML and Excel reporting.

Pipe design against CAD drawing
The pipe is designed by collecting coordinates of pipe points and entering them as nominals. To collect pipe points directly from the machine, use standard Axel features to measure pipe points. In simplest case, you will need to measure various points. The point features are added onto the Feature List as during conventional measurement.

Interface to pipe benders
Axel pipe software can measure and correct tube and associated bracketry produced by the many bender manufactures. Interfcaes are provided to pipe benders via serial link or network.