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Axel 7 Ver 7.01.25 has been released on 11 Nov 2010.

See the Release Notes for latest features, enhancements and bug fixes.


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The table below indicates main differences between our packages.

  Lite Foundation Surface Pipe
Axel User Interface        
Measure Window
Feature Window
Feature List Go mode  
Results Window
DRO Window
Configurable Toolbox
Measurement Features        
Standard Geometric Functions
Feature Constructions
Geometric Tolerancing  
USER RESULTS feature  
SET Feature - digitizing  
SURFACE POINT Feature      
SURFACE EDGE Feature      
Pipe Feature      
Pipe Wizard      
Allignment Features        
Multiple Coordinate Systems  
Partial Nominal Fit  
Best Fit 3 point allignm,ent  
Multipoint, MultiEntity Allignment  
RSP alignment      
Hardware Datum
Graphics and Measure Window        
3D solid model, wireframe display  
Zoom, viewpoint and layers
Selection Filter
Select Group Mode  
Feature Insert Mode  
Data Point Source Mode  
Memory Table  
CAD operations, import/export        
Geometry Filter  
Geometry Transformation  
CATIA, ProEngineer, VFD, Step - optional    
Results Reporting and Data Transfer        
Standard Reporting
Graphical Results (boxes and dimensionas)  
Export to Excel and HTML with templates  
Customized Pipe Inspection Report      
Digitizing data Transfer  
SPC Results Transfer  
Pipe Benders Results Transfer