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Hardware for Retrofit


Retrofitting measuring machines and inspection instruments provides the existing CMM equipment with the latest electronics and more importantly the software while protecting the original investment into the CMM base hardware. The application of an Axel Software upgrade can enhance your existing manual, DCC or CNC CMM performance at a fraction of the price of a new CMM. Our CMM partners have an unparalleled depth of experience in ALL CMM brands providing engineering integrity and assured customer confidence.
Our error compensation map is open, unlike all competitors who lock up and deny access to YOUR compensation data, thus ensuring you have a choice of CMM calibration supplier.


Hardware for manual CMM machines



Deva001 interface for manual CMMs
Designed to interface industry-standard rotary shaft encoders and linear scales to PC-compatible computers, The DEVA001 incremental encoder interface card is an ideal interface between co-ordinate measuring machines and the software. It connects X, Y and Z axes and touch probe. Additional foot switch probe operation is also available.

Sin-wave interpolatorts and reader head pre-amp are optionally available

Based on a custom-designed ASIC quadrature counter, the DEVA001 interface card provides three independent encoder channels each with a 32-bit position counter with a maximum count rate of 10MHz. The DEVA001 also contains a wealth of synchronisation and triggering facilities which enables both OEMs and end-users to create powerful and highly flexible PC-based measurement systems


Hardware for Automatic CMM machines


Renishaw UCC Controller
The Axel offers the complete line of Renishaw universal controllers (UCC2 and UCClite ) and servo power amplifiers (SPA2 and SPAlite) providing a cost effective solution to every machine upgrade, providing a configurable package that delivers unrivaled levels of probing flexibility, reliability and support.

UCC Lite - 3 axis, low cost, touch trigger operation only CMM controller.

UCC2 - 3 or 4 axis controller providing the capacities to operate any of Renishaws latest technology. Standard features include the interface for the SP25M, SP80 and the new REVO scanning Probe. Full error correction to enhance the CMMs accuracies.

Deva004 controller with Deva030 Servo Amplifier
Deva offers a complete hardware solution for CMM control. It is fully integrated with our range os software. It comprises of Deva004 motion controller, Deva030 ServoAmplifier and COlour Touch Screen Handheld joystick DEva031.