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Axel 7 ver 7.02.03 has been released on 4th April 2011.

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Surface Inspection Software for CAD generated parts


The module adds surface inspection features to standard Foundation program thus providing truly integrated geometrical and surface measuring environment. It allows the user to measure complex shapes on either Manual CMMs, Measuring arms or CNC CMMs (Coordinate Measuring Machines). Program accepts nominal surface model from CAD files. A free standing part is then aligned by measuring its geometrical feature or surface points. Program performs 3D best fit of measured data to CAD surfaces. Part surfaces are then checked against nominal CAD surface model. Results are available in numerical and graphical formats.


Top Features and Benefits

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Part inspected against its nominal CAD representation
The Surface module superimposes CAD surface features to the standard Foundation program imparting an integrated geometrical and surface measuring environment. It allows the user to measure complex shapes on either manual or CNC CMMs - Coordinate Measuring Machines.

Full utilization of 3D solid window
One of the benefits of using the Axel Range of Products is the ability of the Surface Program to provide full operation on either wireframe or solid model. Using the solid model, the required surfaces can be easily identified and selected.

Part alignment with 3D Best Fit method
A free standing part is aligned by measuring its geometrical or surface features. The Program performs a 3D best fit of measured data to CAD surfaces. AXEL provides the most comprehensive range of alignment features and options that allows the user to deal with the extremely complex and demanding applications.

RPS Alignment - Locking Best Fit Axes
A common requirement of Multi Entity Best Fit Alignment is that some axes of selected features be locked i.e. their measured data = nominal data, otherwise known as an RPS alignment.

Surface Point and Surface Edge Inspection
Surface characteristics of a free standing part are inspected by applying surface point and edge point program features. As a result program calculates deviation between the inspected part point and its nominal CAD model.

Adjustable search range and error magnification
Search range for automatic surface acceptance while measuring SURFACE POINT feature can be adjusted as well as error magnification.

Global metal Thickness Tolerance
If the CAD model is only single skinned (only has an 'A 'surface) and it is required to measure the other side of the part ('B' surface). Input the material thickness and software will offset all results

Surface error reporting 
In addition to usual methods available in Axel Foundation, Surface and edge point errors are also reported graphically in the Measure Window. They can be shown as error spikes, results boxes or color coded dots representing deviations from the nominal model.

CAD Interfacing
Interfaces to various CAD formats are provided. They include DXF, IGES, CATIA v4 and v5, ProEngineer, STEP, VDA.