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Axel 7 ver 7.02.03 has been released on 4th April 2011.

See the Release Notes for latest features, enhancement and bug fixes.




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Vision Inspection on CMMs


The Axel Vision Software is the choice for general purpose video and multisensor metrology. It expands functionality of our supported range of insp-ection with camera inspection.

It features range of image processing tools, autofocus and autozoom. Being part of our metrology suite, it benefits from geometric functions suport, inspection against CAD models, statistical result processin.

It supports the range of frame grabbers and digital cameras as well as ever increasing range of Lighting controllers.

The software can be configured to be used on Video only manual and CNC machines as well as on multisensor complex applications.


Top Features and Benefits



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Add-on module for Axel software
Vision software is available as stand alone package for Video only CMM machines or as an addition to Touch Probe to be used on hybrid CMM machines.

Camera calibration
Comprehensive set of camera calibration methods available to improve accuracy. These include pixel size calibration, camera mounting compensation, zoom lens calibration.

Camera Interfaces
Our standard drivers allow communication with majority of frame grabbers and digital cameras. We also support wide range of Light control units.

Adaptive Edge Detection techniques
Extensive set of edge detection tools is available. Automatic edge detection within specified ROI (region of interest), auto edge points. Edge detection providess tools and setups to deal with variety of surface finishes and lighting requirements.

Build in autofocus is offered as standard for both manual and automatic video systems. Focusing an inage before the dimension inspection takes place, increases inspection accuaracy.

Auto Feature Detection
One click operation to measure the range of standard features. Program automatically recognises feature and provides the results..

Autozoom support available for CNC Video machines fitted with motorized autozoom lense.

CAD operation
Part programs can be created directly from the CAD drawing. Inspection results can be comparred or best fitted into CAD models.

Interface to pipe benders
Axel pipe software can measure and correct tube and associated bracketry produced by the many bender manufactures. Interfcaes are provided to pipe benders via serial link or network.